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All questions about Thermage® FLX skin tightening answered

If your skin has lost its bounce, or if you have more wrinkles and fine lines than you’d like, Thermage FLX skin tightening can make a visible difference.

What is Thermage FLX?

Thermage uses patented radio frequency (RF) technology to effectively heat the deepest layers of skin; this process stimulates your existing collagen and tells your body to produce even more.

Does Thermage really work?

Thermage has been proven to work on aging, crepey skin all over the body – whether on the face (mouth, eyelids, forehead, jawline) or body (legs and abdomen).

Does it hurt?

The Thermage FLX system has serious power, but is designed to minimize uncomfortable sensations. You can expect a brief moment of warmth as the treatment device touches your skin, followed by a cooling sensation to help protect your skin and counteract any discomfort. There is also a soothing gentle vibration throughout.

How long does each treatment take?

The length of each treatment really depends on the area you want to treat. Smaller sections are done in less than 30 minutes, while larger areas can take up to 90 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

One of the great benefits of Thermage FLX is that you can expect results after just one session (i.e. smoother, tighter skin with less sagging). However, results can increase with each treatment, so if you want a more dramatic transformation, opt for a more in-depth program..

Do I need time to recover afterwards?

Some people experience some redness or swelling afterward, but you should be able to resume your day normally. No special care is required for the following days apart from basic skin care and sunscreen as part of a normal skin care regimen.

How does it work?

See how Thermage FLX’s non-invasive radiofrequency treatments work in 2 minutes. This video shows the treatment areas and explains how Thermage FLX works.rkt.

Thermage® FLX results

Do you want a tight and smooth skin? Choose a Thermage® FLX treatment. The treatments are used to give the chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and buttocks a youthful appearance. The results remain visible for years after one treatment!

The advantages of a Thermage FLX treatment is not only the treatment without injections, it is comfortable, fast and painless. Most patients see and feel results immediately after treatment. Post-treatment improvements continue to improve for up to nine months after treatment, as long as your body regenerates collagen.

Why is Thermage® FLX so popular?

Thermage® FLX is very popular in China, but there is also increasing demand and interest in the treatment in the West. Of course everyone wants a smooth and tight skin without wrinkles and with this technique it is possible without using any surgery or injections!

Benefits of Thermage® FLX

  • Fast and comfortable
  • One quick treatment
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Treat wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body.

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