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Thermage FLX: Discover the results of a treatment

Are you looking for a non-surgical treatment without cutting or needles? Then a Thermage FLX treatment might be what you are looking for. Discover in this blog the results of a Thermage treatment and what the treatment does to your skin.

What is a Thermage FLX treatment?

The Thermage FLX treatment is a skin tightening treatment, which improves your skin on many fronts where the skin has been damaged by the effects of aging. The treatment is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the upper lid with visible results after a single session. Thermage & Fraxel Centrum has the latest Thermage FLX technology and is completely painless.

Because no cutting and injections are used, the treatment is painless and the skin does not have to recover much or not at all after the treatment. Therefore, do not worry that you cannot do anything after the treatment and continue what you were doing.

Before and After

In the before and after video below, you can see that the skin on the eyelids is tighter after the treatment than it was before the treatment. By tightening the skin on the eyelids, you give the eyes a younger and fresh look.

Expectations of Thermage FLX

Also, 94% percent of the people who have had the treatment say that the treatment met their expectations.

Thermage FLX results of treatments

People love the treatment as it takes less than two hours and there is no real downtime other than a little swelling!

What issues is Thermage great for?

It works at reducing fine wrinkles above and below the eye; reducing mild to moderate “hooding” (the loose skin on the upper eyelid); making the eye look more open; and helping maintain the results of eyelid surgery. Another common complaint Thermage FLX is great for is a sagging or wrinkled neck, and loosened jowls and eyebrows. Thermage FLX can be used as an adjunct treatment in tightening these areas after we have replaced the volume with dermal fillers.

There is a lot of interest in Thermage’s zero-downtime treatments. This is because a Thermage treatment shows immediate results. By using radio frequency energy, Thermage harnesses your body’s own healing ability to build collagen.

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