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Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger

Embrace the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. Festivities filled with happiness and joy.

What is Chinese New Year?

Is it possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve twice in one year? With Chinese, yes. They celebrate on December 31 and January 1, but also with Chinese New Year. That starts between January 21 and February 20, on the second new moon after the shortest winter day (December 21). For two weeks there are various holidays, with a lantern festival as a conclusion, when there is another full moon.

A clean slate

You have to start a new year with a clean slate. So Chinese people clean the house weeks in advance and buy new shoes and clothes. They also settle quarrels and try to pay off debts. For at the end of the year, the Kitchen God gives a report on every household to the Sky God.


Many Chinese New Year celebration rituals have to do with luck and abundance. There is a large dinner for the whole family with nine dishes. The number nine represents eternity. Sweet rice flour pastries are distributed to as many people as possible.

Children and unmarried people receive red envelopes with money. Shopkeepers give envelopes and heads of lettuce to brightly colored lion dolls that dancers carry around in a procession. So they hope for good things. And of course there are fireworks. Lots of fireworks to scare away evil spirits.

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