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Is Fraxel better than microneedling?

Fraxel and microneedling are similar in that both treatments use the idea of creating micro-injuries on your skin to rebuild collagen, but the main difference is that Fraxel penetrates the skin more deeply than microneedling.

For this reason, the Fraxel laser is better suited to patients with severe skin problems (think large scars, hyperpigmentation, and texture issues), while microneedling would be sufficient for milder issues (some light acne scars, discoloration, dark spots, etc.) .

Video of a Fraxel treament

FDA Approved

Fraxel Laser is FDA-approved for the treatment of brown spots on the face and body, periorbital wrinkles, and melasma. It has also received FDA approval for skin resurfacing procedures, including photocoagulation of pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots, and dyschromia (a disorder of the pigmentation of skin or hair). Below is an example of the result of a treatment.

*Results may vary. Talk to our specialist to see if Fraxel is right for you.

More about Fraxel

Recovery time
Depending on the specific settings used at your appointment, it may take five to seven days for your skin to heal.

After each session there is a very small chance of burning, scarring or pigment changes.

With a Fraxel treatment there is no cutting and no injections are used. This means there is little to no downtime. Results may vary individually.

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