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Why Thermage FLX is a Favorite Among Hollywood Celebrities

Thermage FLX is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. How can this non-invasive treatment help to smooth, tighten and...

Thermage FLX: 20 years in existence

In recent years, revolutionary Thermage treatment has become a renowned treatment for skin tightening under cutting or injections....

Is Fraxel better than microneedling?

Fraxel and microneedling are similar in that both treatments use the idea of creating micro-injuries on your skin...

Our specialist Jens Wismahr: Thermage® FLX expert

As a Thermage user from the very beginning he already has 20 years of experience with Thermage. He...

Clear + Brilliant: Best laser 2022 winner

From celebrities to soccer moms, the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment consistently receives critical acclaim for its ability...

Video: This is how a Fraxel treatment goes

Fraxel is a revolutionary form of skin treatment that uses a laser to resurface small areas of target...

Protect and care for your skin against aging

The holiday season has arrived and the sun is also showing itself more and more in the Netherlands....

All questions about Thermage® FLX skin tightening answered

If your skin has lost its bounce, or if you have more wrinkles and fine lines than you'd...

Repair sun-damaged skin with Fraxel

The feeling of the sun warming the skin while the skin soaking up that sweet, sweet vitamin D...

Skin tightening for the knees with Thermage® FLX

The knees and elbows are one of the first places where we really start to show our age....

Thermage® FLX: See how it works!

See how Thermage FLX's non-invasive radiofrequency treatments work in 2 minutes. This video shows the treatment areas and...

FDA cleared for the best treatments!

Our devices are FDA cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. In this way we give you certainty...

Thermage® FLX treatment; for a tight and smooth skin

Do you want a tight and smooth skin? Choose a Thermage® FLX treatment. The treatments are used to...

ThermaFrax; the best combination to look young and radiant

Discover ThermaFrax, the best combination of a Thermage FLX and a Fraxel treatment to keep looking young and...

Brooke Shields is honest about aging and about Fraxel®

Actress and former model Brooke Shields reveals that she uses Fraxel® to reduce sun damage and sun spots....

Thermage FLX: Discover the results of a treatment

Are you looking for a non-surgical treatment without cutting or needles? Then a Thermage FLX treatment might be...

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger

Embrace the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. Festivities filled with happiness and joy....

Thermage FLX: Finalist Aesthetics Awards 2022

As the trend for natural yet visible results increases and the demand for skin tightening procedures continues to...

Results of a Fraxel treatment

Fraxel is a revolutionary form of skin treatment that uses a laser to resurface small areas of target...

The best solution for lose skin: Thermage FLX

Did you know that 53% of women are concerned about sagging skin on their face?* Thermage® FLX helps...

Fraxel testimonial from Lana Gooch

Patient referrals are a true testament to the Fraxel® treatment. Real patient, Lana Gooch, shares how she pursued...
Thermage & Fraxel Centrum

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